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Keeps Dining Table 100"
White Oak
Designed by John Christakos and Maurice Blanks
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저녁 식사랑 쇼. 멋지고 튼튼한 나무를 사용한 프레임에 우아하게 경사진 가장자리는 예상치 못한 아름다움이 있습니다. 모양새가 좋은 다리는 나뭇결을 그대로 보여주어 흥미를 줍니다. 

Real talk, your kids are going to fight over who gets this after you’re gone. Dinner and a show. Stunning solid wood struts its stuff while elegant sloping edges give way to unexpected beauty and knees. Shapely legs showcase the wood grain to keep things interesting under the table. Well-mannered and well-made by our friends in Wisconsin
• 단단한 호두 또는 흰 떡갈나무 테이블 상판 및 다리 Solid walnut or white oak tabletop and legs
• 6~8인승의 편안한 좌석 Seats six to eight comfortably
• 조립 필요 Assembly required

designer : John Christakos and Maurice Blanks
• 2540 (w) x 1067 (d) x 762 (h) (mm)
White Oak
Solid White Oak wood base
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2540 (w) x 1067 (d) x 762 (h) (mm)
SKU 10473269
KRW  6,705,000
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