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Hunker Bed
Queen / Edwards Light Grey
KRW 3,443,900 ~

모든것이 헝커에 둘러싸인 평화로운 시간을 가지세요. 헤드보드에 월넛 나이트 스탠드가 함께 부착된 디자인으로 공간활용에 최적화되어 있으며, 편리합니다.
Surround yourself in serenity with Hunker. Built in walnut nightstands are integrated into an enveloping curved upholstered headboard providing a safe space for all your nocturnal endeavors.

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Blu Dot founded by John Christakos and Maurice Blake


• 패브릭으로 마감된 헤드보드
• 원목 하드우드 스탠드 2개 포함
• 각 나이트스탠드 세팅 부분에 전선을 헤드보드 뒤로 뺄수 있는 홀 디자인
• 매트리스 별도 판매
• Solid hardwood walnut nightstand
• Padded upholstered headboard
• Cord management escape below each nightstand

Edwards Light Grey
28% Wool / 70% Acrylic / 2% Nylon blend upholstery

"Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words."
design story

Vacuum your upholstery regularly.

Act quickly with spills. Absorb the spill with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Never rub the surface.
Do not use water or other liquids to clean, as they may stain the fabric. Consult a commercial cleaning specialist for removal of stubborn stains.

Keep upholstery & felt furniture out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources; excessive exposure to sunlight may fade the color of the upholstery. Avoid placing heavy or sharp objects on the furniture
surface for long periods of time; this can cause permanent indentations in the fabric. For snags in the fabric, tuck loose threads into fabric or carefully push to reverse side. Never pull out or cut off loose threads.

Hunker Bed
Queen Bed
SKU 10472164
KRW 3,443,900
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