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Dang Long and Low
Marine Blue
KRW 2,635,400 ~
reg. ₩3,294,400 ~
Almost Seems a shame to muck it up with a TV.
Perforated steel door front allows use of remotes without spoiling the view. With cord management escapes in back panel.
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Blu Dot founded by John Christakos and Maurice Blake

"We like to think that the form is almost inevitable, a by-product of the process. Our job is simply to help it emerge as beautifully and as efficiently as possible."

"구조적으로 필수적인 형태가 있음에도, 디자이너의 임무는 그것이 아름답고, 가능한 한 효율적으로 표현되도록 하는 데에 있다고 믿습니다."
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"Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words."
•  Powder-coated perforated sliding steel door fronts allow use of remotes
•  Powder-coated steel base with leveling feet
•  Cord management escapes

Marine Blue:

• Painted oak veneer over engineered wood case
• Perforated steel and legs match case

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Dang Long and Low
Long and Low
SKU 10471834
KRW 2,635,400
reg. ₩3,294,400
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